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[Volume 6 | 2009]

Sophie Fuggle | King’s College London
Secularizing the Remnant: Foucault and Paul

Juan M. Marin | Harvard Divinity School
A Lucan Kenosis? Luke's Concept of Truth as an
Ethics of Service

Ross Romero, S.J. | Boston College
Scripture’s Reversal: Recognizing the Scapegoat with René Girard and Flannery O’Connor

[Volume 5 | 2008]

Michael Anthony Fowler | Tufts University
Navigating Sur's Ocean with Irigaray's Logbooks
Erotic Subjects in Bhakti Text

Adam Konopka | Fordham University
The Gifts of Death in Philosophical
and Christian Responsibility

[Volume 4, Issue 2 | Spring 2007]

Anna M. Hennessey | University of California Santa Barbara
Spinoza, Substance, and Subjectivity in Hegel's
Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion

Sam Houston | Boston College
Possibility and Identity
Ricoeur and Frei on the Resurrection

Yii-Jan Singh | Yale University
Semen, Philosophy, and Paul

[Volume 4, Issue 1 | Fall 2006]

Kirk Boyle | University of Cincinnati
Whose Apocalyptic Ruses?
Derrida, Psychoanalysis, and Biblical Criticism

Simon Critchley | The New School for Social Research
with Yong Dou Kim
The Need for Fiction in Poetry and Politics
an Interview

Merold Westphal | Fordham University
with Brian Gregor
Hermeneutics, Scripture, and Faithful Philosophizing
an Interview

[Volume 3, Issue 2 | Spring 2006]

Lieven Boeve | Catholic University of Leuven
Negative Theology and Theological Hermeneutics  [PDF]

David Alstad Tiessen | University of Toronto
Textuality, Undecidability, and the Story of Jesus  [PDF]

James Wetzel | Villanova University
The Shrewdness of Abraham  [PDF]

Lieven Boeve | Catholic University of Leuven
with Gregory Hoskins
Recontextualizing the Christian Narrative in a Postmodern Context: An Interview  [PDF]


[Volume 3, Issue 1 | Fall 2005]

Jason Adams | University of Hawai'i
Paul and the Government of the Soul  [PDF]

Carlos R. Bovell | Institute of Christian Studies
Scriptural Authority and Believing Criticism  [PDF]

Jared Woodard | Fordham University
The Inducement of the Subject in Badiou  [PDF]

Alain Badiou | École Normale Supérieure, Paris
with Adam S. Miller
Universal Truths and the Question of Religion: An Interview  [PDF]


[Volume 2, Issue 2 | Spring 2005]

William Desmond | Catholic University of Leuven
Consecrated Thought   [PDF]

Bruce Ellis Benson | Wheaton College (IL)
Paul and the Knowledge that Puffs Up  [PDF]

Gregory Baum | McGill University
with Adam S. Miller
Faith, Community, & Liberation: An Interview  [PDF]

Kevin Hart | University of Notre Dame
with Lee Cole
Paul and the Reduction: An Interview  [PDF]

E. P. Sanders | Duke University
with Michael Barnes Norton
Paul, Context, & Interpretation: An Interview  [PDF]


[Volume 2, Issue 1 | Fall 2004]

Adam Kotsko | Chicago Theological Seminary
Empire and Eschaton  [PDF]

Corey McCall | Southern Illinois University
Autonomy, Religion, and Revolt in Foucault  [PDF]

Joshua Delpech-Ramey | Villanova University
For Example, Opera, For Example...
a preface to Slavoj Zizek's 'Why is Wagner Worth Saving?'

Slavoj Zizek | University of Ljubljana
Why is Wagner Worth Saving?  [PDF]

John Dominic Crossan | DePaul University
with Adam S. Miller
Paul and Empire: An Interview  [PDF]

Seyyed Hossein Nasr | George Washington University
with Michael Barnes Norton
Scripture, Society, and Traditional Wisdom: An Interview  [PDF]


[Volume 1, Issue 2 | Spring 2004]

Roland Boer | Monash University
Althusser, Myth & Genesis 1-3  [PDF]

Kevin Hart | University of Notre Dame
The Gospel of L'Arręt de mort  [PDF]

Richard Kearney
| Boston College
with Liam Kavanagh
Facing God: An Interview  [PDF]

Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza | Harvard University
with Michael Barnes Norton
Critical Reflections on Philosophy & Theology:
An Interview

Slavoj Zizek | University of Ljubljana
with Joshua Delpech-Ramey
On Divine Self-Limitation and Revolutionary Love: An Interview  [PDF]


[Volume 1, Issue 1 | Fall 2003]

John D. Caputo | Villanova University
The Journal of Philosophy & Scripture: A Prologue  [PDF]

James Faulconer | Brigham Young University
Adam and Eve—Community: Reading Genesis 2-3 [PDF]

Lewis Gordon | Brown University
Some Thoughts on Philosophy and Scripture in an Age of Secularism

Merold Westphal | Fordham University
Transfiguration as Saturated Phenomenon [PDF]

Edith Wyschogrod | Rice University
Autochthony and Welcome: Discourses of Exile in Levinas and Derrida [PDF]

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